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Satellite Reign footage showcases lovely cyberpunk dystopia

Satellite Reign

It’s odd how often you look at dystopia on-screen and think “Wow, that’s lovely”. Obviously we don’t mean lovely as in let’s go move in straightaway, but there is something alluringly pretty about the likes of Blade Runner’s future LA. Satellite Reign - spiritual successor to the original Syndicate games - has got that feeling crack on, as demonstrated in this beautiful little bit of pre-alpha footage.

There’s a good bit of detail going on in there, from the lovingly animated flapping coats, to that unnerving red glow of the security cameras. The isometric view really pulls back memories from Syndicate’s early days, whilst the modern paint job certainly offers some great atmosphere. As far as modern remakes go, this looks to be gunning for the same quality levels as XCOM Enemy Unknown and Shadowrun Returns. And that’s a good point in anyone’s books. 

Developer 5 Live Studios has been keen to point out the nature of the pre-alpha footage though, noting that “nothing here is really final, the UI, audio, weapons and effects are 100% placeholder, in fact it’s so early we weren’t going to show any combat or civilians, but.." 

Yeah, we got a nice little look at cover and combat there. It looks like the £460,000 raised by the Kickstarter campaign is in good hands.

Thanks, PC Gamer. 

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Menthol_Penguin avatarRuneclaw69 avatar
Menthol_Penguin Avatar
4 Years ago

Damn, I regret not backing this!

Runeclaw69 Avatar
Runeclaw69(7 minutes played)
4 Years ago

As a fan of the original Syndicate back on my old and beautiful Amiga 500, I backed this game. I like the video they posted, looks just fine for a pre-alpha build.