Schrödy trailer brings cat possession to the indie gaming table


The indie gaming scene is getting more and more crowded, I mean, there are at least four more indie games due to be released this year. The developers are fast running out of themes, gamejams have descended into brawls over who gets to design the pixel art platformer and who gets the neon inspired music game. It’s forced developers to start twisting and changing the most popular themes: Team Meat are blending cats and genetic manipulation, for instance. Though they aren’t the only ones playing with cats’ innards.

Check out Retromaze’s cat possessing game Schrödy.

Summoned from the grave of Retromaze’s Youtube channel:

As far as I can make out form the video, Schrödy is a pixel art puzzle game that users a possession mechanic to let you switch control of cats with different powers.

That really all there is to go on currently as Retromaze’s siteis pretty sparse, saying only “Hey! We finally got the site up and running!So, we are Retromaze, a small game studio located in São Paulo, Brazil, and this is our small corner of the internet!

Our current major project isSchrödy

We’ve reached out to see if we can’tlearn a littlemore.