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Team Meat continue to shy away from controversy with their new game: Mew-genics


Super Meat Boy made its mark on the gaming scene with both it’s hard-as-hard-things difficulty and because whenever you recommended it to someone you found yourself saying “You play a chunk of wet meat that’s trying to save his girlfriend who is made of bandages”. PETA were so against it they released their own Super Tofu Boy in response. So to hear that Team Meat are working on a new title is great news, that the game is called Mew-genics and is about gene-splicing kittens, well, that’s just marvelous.

The news came via a blog post over on the Team Meat pages, Edmund McMillen wrote “a month or so ago we decided to do a little game jam over a weekend and fell into a totally out of left field project we call… MEW-GENICS!

“Mew-Genics is by far the strangest project I’ve ever worked on.. and that’s saying something. Tommy and i are very happy with how development has been going on it and decided that Mew-Genics will be the next official Team Meat game. We don’t want to spoil too much here, but we can say the game will be randomly generated, strange and involve cats.”

McMillen dabbled with random generation when making roguelike The Binding of Isaac – which was recently re-released inan Unholy Edition– and it sounds like this has captured his attention.

There’s really very few details to go on in this announcement, but if I were a betting man – I am, gambling is awesome – I’d say you’ll spicing cats to solve particular problems; mutating it with new powers.

This is what Youtube had to add to the discussion: