Sir, You Are Being Hunted alpha opens to non-backers on 19 August


Sir, You Are Being Hunted has been flushed out of hiding; here’s our Sir, You Are Being Hunted review.

Big Robot are opening up the alpha for Sir, You Are Being Hunted on 19 August. It’s already in alpha and available to some Kickstarter backers but in two weeks all backers will be provided with a version of the game. Also, those who didn’t fund the game during its campaign can buy into the alpha.

“Right now the game is in an ‘alpha’ state, which means that it’s fully playable and stable, but missing a few intended features,” writes Big Robot’s Jim Rossignol. “You can play through the game, and right now you face the base level hunter AI, their dogs, their sentry balloons, and also The Squire, which is a large middle-class robot who guards villages.”

There are a few more enemies still to be added to the game and they will start to trickle in with future updates to the alpha. The procedural world generation will also become more customisable as the alpha continues. Big Robot want the game to be as replayable as possible and will be giving you more control to aid that.

I’ve been playing the alpha a fair bit since I got code last month and it’s an excellent game. Even in its current state it’s compelling. Being hunted by the mad gentrified robots is terrifying. Stealing into villages to raid houses for food becomes a frequent activity but it doesn’t get dull or monotonous. Each time something can go wrong and force you to adapt to the new threat. It’s great fun.

You can buy a copy of Sir already. Go. Prepare for 19 August.