Sir, You Are Being Hunted blunderbusses Kickstarter target; stretch goals coming later today


Sir, You Are Being Hunted has been flushed out of hiding; here’s our Sir, You Are Being Hunted review.

Sir, you are being funded. That’s not my line, but RPS writer Alec Meer’s. He’s congratulating colleague Jim Rossignol there, co-creator of British zeitgeist-fuelled mortal terror sim Sir, You Are Being Hunted. Shrouded in high reeds, Sir has crept on past its Kickstarter target of £40,000 this morning with 25 days left on the clock. So what does that mean for the game?

Crucially, it means it’ll definitely get finished. Brill.

Beyond that, the extra wad of cash will be converted into new biomes for Big Robot’s British Countryside Generator, as well as new NPCs and more complex enemy AI. The latter dictates the behaviour of Sir’s evil robots as they stalk you across sinister moorland – really the dark, unfathomable heart of the game.

Firstly though, Big Robot will be working on animation and new art.

“Sir, You Are Being Hunted will be released,” said the developers in an update. “All that remains to be seen from here is how much additional awesomeness we can cram in.”

A bigger heart for Sir, then. In which directions would you like to see it expand?