Sir, You Are Being Hunted buttressed with castle biome update

sir you are being hunted big robot

Sir, You Are Being Hunted has been flushed out of hiding; here’s our Sir, You Are Being Hunted review.

Recognising a gap in their game’s fortifications, Big Robot have released a new update for Sir, You Are Being Hunted that adds castles into its procedural generation mixing pot. You can now populate your island of killer robots with broken down keeps and crumbling castellations.

Big Robot have released a short video showing off the new castles:

That’s not the only change. You can now explore the island to the sound of an ambient music track. That’ll make a change from what I’ve been listening to Chopin’s ‘A Hunting We Will go’.

Other changes are more minor, bug fixes and alterations based on the feedback alpha players have been suggesting on the game’s forums.

There’s one last thing. Apparently the game now has “the world’s greatest menu pheasant”. Them’s fighting words Big Robot. There’s competition out there.

This marks the last major content update for the singleplayer game but the team are still hard at work on balancing the game and the only-ever-whispered-about multiplayer mode.


– NEW – The Castle Biome (New island option in world creation.)

– NEW – Soundtrack (Related audio slider in game options.)

– NEW – Menu scenes including the world’s greatest menu pheasant.

– Scarecrow pathing reworked.

– Landowner collider altered to improve pathing.

– Squire audio altered to reflect movement.


– Z-fighting on buildings and rock formations. (OMG!)

– Slagheaps no longer have paths over them in Industrial biomes.

– Fixed mesh combination at World Generation.

– Fixed information window and V/O playing on fire use.

– Pub sign taller to avoid collision with landscape and scenery.

– FOV pop on binocular equipping.

– Controller reworked in all menu situations.

– Fixed erroneous mouse inputs during menu use.

– Seabeast particle effect errors fixed.

– No more crashes on rider death.