Sponsored Post: Bundle Stars 7: Indie Jam 2 fetches you nine games for just £3.94


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Bundle Stars seventh bundle, the Indie Jam 2, comes packed with nine games for just £3.94,. Highlights are the zero gravity shooter Shattered Horizon and the Natural Selection-esque Nuclear Dawn, a game which neatly ties together the RTS and FPS genres.

Bundle Stars have loaded the following trailer into my RAM:

The detail they provide is mere footage, I can give you words, words and pictures:

Shattered Horizon

The year is 2049, mankind has taken to the stars so that it may better shoot itself in the face. Here, unlike on sticky Earth, men can jump endlessly in zero gravity, plotting a trajectory that places them in a position to shoot men’s faces from above, below, and behind..

It is quite good

Nuclear Dawn

Taking the aliens out of Natural Selection, Nuclear Dawn pits two teams against one another in FPS combat. Watching over each team is a player in the commander role, they place defenses and support items to aid their team as they try to destroy their opponent’s base.

It is also quite good.

Two Worlds II

An ambitious third-person RPG slash ‘em up, Two Worlds II takes place over a large open world which, unlike Skyrim, doesn’t scale in difficulty to your level, so it retains the difficulty in exploration that came in the early Elder Scrolls games.

Also, while you may not be able to get blood from a stone, the above trailer shows you can get it from a skeleton.

Two Worlds II – Castle Defense

A spin off from Two Worlds II, this iteration of the 2010 open world RPG is focused on a tower defense rehash of the previous games assets.

Planets Under Attack

From the makers of Battle Vs Chess, Planets Under Attack sees you conquering the galaxy in search of space gold. The main nut of the strategy is that the alien race you battle are more highly-sexed than even the raunchiest of Zerg Queens, thus, should one egg be left unattended on a planet they’ll swarm and stretch to other planets in the system. You’re in a constant struggle to cleanse planets, mine them for resources, and prevent the swarm from spreading.

There’s a demo here.

Iron Grip: Warlord

Taking its lead from Sanctum, Iron Grip is a tower defense game which puts you in the thick of the action, playing in first person. You must split your time between fighting the invading swarms personally and placing turrets down to aid you in repelling the enemies.

Holy Avatar vs. Maidens of the Dead

Well, that trailer explains exceedingly little.

Putting you in the boots of Holy Avatar, you must go about an exotic island dismembering zombie women.

Sounds unseemly.

Ion Assault

An arena-shmup, Ion Assault uses fluid particle physics for its neon-coloured ammo, essentially lighting of the screen with shot whenever you hit the fire button. Each level’s difficulty is dynamically adjusted, also: the faster you destroy enemies the larger the swarms that approach, though with larger swarms come larger combos and higher scores.


An anime-style third-person slash’em’up, X-Blades has you jumping about the environment in skimpy outfits, stabbing at exceedingly large demons till one of you falls down dead.

You can check out the bundle’s contents in greater detail over on Bundle Stars’ store page.

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