The Stanley Parable is “content complete”

The Stanley Parable

Since being greenlit The Stanley Parable developers have been largely silent. This is because they’ve “kept pretty much everything about the game a complete secret” so that players go into it unaware of the new content. It just meant they couldn’t say what they were working on.

“The game is content complete,” writes developer William Pugh. “It’s been a long road (much longer than anybody on the team expected) and now we’ve finally here at the end.

“As you all know we’ve kept pretty much everything about the game a complete secret, we’ve intentionally maintained complete radio silence when it comes to what we’re working on and what we’ve been doing so that all of you may go into this and have a unique and unspoiled experience.

“We’re now very close to release and you’ll be hearing a lot from us very soon about what’s going to be happening leading up to the game’s launch.”

Considering the madness that was the original Stanley Parable mod for Half-Life 2, colour me excited.