StarForge reaches funding target. Next step: stretch goals


StarForge caught Paul’s attention a couple of weeks ago and it probably in part to his praise that the project bumped over its $75,000 target earlier today, that, or Notch’s support. Either way, the ambitious procedurally generated Halo-meets-Minecraft-meets-Warcraft is now heading onto its first stretch goal, Lava.

CodeHatch, developers of StarForge, are developing more of an engine and complex mishmash of overlapping procedural systems than a specific game. Booting up the game causes the world to generate geography, weapons, and even a space system, you’re then free to construct buildings that need to be architecturally stable, machines that are connected up to power systems, and all of this will be necessary because the game modes CodeHatch are suggesting will have you defend against waves of assailants.

It’s a truly ambitious project and the best way to get full appraised is to have a look at their pitch video:

Having now reached their $75,000 target with 19 days left on the calender, the developers are moving onto the stretch goals that reach all the way to $500,000. The first of these is too add liquids and lava to the world at $100,000. After that it starts to get more interesting, $125,000 brings with it a dynamic ecosystem.

Here are the rest for your perusal: