Strike Suit Zero Oculus Rift support released


I’ve only had one short three-minute go on an Oculus Rift game, CCP’s EVR, and it was sensational. It lent the space combat game a sense of awe that, without the headset, would have been missing or greatly diminished. Strike Suit Zero, another space combat game, though with transforming mechs instead of pod fighters, has now added Oculus Rift support.

If you’ve one of the headsets already, Strike Suit Zero may have just become a necessary purchase for experiencing excellent VR.

Kickstarter backers already had access to the beta version of Strike Suit Zero’s virtual reality shenanigans but now the beta version of the in-your-face skew’s been released for all to play with.

In the developer diary below the team go into the process of converting the game across to a VR headset and the challenges it presents.

“Perhaps the biggest challenge for us is developing the Oculus version of the game was making sure the right information is conveyed to the player,” says Born Ready Games’ community manager, Jamin Smith. “So, to that end, we’ve put a lot effort into the the HUD and the UI, both making sure it works in a thematic sense, so it’s consistent with the cockpit, and works in a diegetic sense, also that the information you need from the game is still presented.”

As the technology is still so new – it’s not even been officially launched yet – there may well be hiccups or alterations that need to be made. Hence the beta tag attached to Strike Suit Zero’s VR mode. If you’ve suggestions for fixes then taking to the game’s forums would be a good start.

Cheers, Eurogamer.