Torment: Tides of Numenera site goes live; InXile asking community what pledge rewards they’d like in upcoming crowdfunding campaign


It’s all go at InXile. Not content to be making Wasteland 2, the sequel to the game that inspired the Fallout series, they’re also helming a new game in the Torment universe, last visited in the much-loved Planescape Torment. Having recently released 17 minutes of in-game footage taken from Wasteland 2 you might have expected InXile to rest on their laurels a little.

Well, rather than lie back on chaise longue, they’ve posted up a site for Torment: Tides of Numenera and begin to ask their community what they would like as a reward for pledging money to fund its development.

See how you can join in the discussion below.

The site’s gone live It just rolls off the tongue.

There’s barely a thing up on the site as of now, a desktop wallpaper and a brief About page. Though it looks like it’s just being put in place in preparation for an imminent crowd-funding campaign.

There’s no date for the launch of the (presumably) Kickstarter but right now, if you sign up for an account, in their community forums there are discussions about what InXile should offer as pledge rewards; whether they should minimise the physical tat to funnel the money raised into the game’s development, or whether they should go all out with boxed copies of the game, a cloth map, and a corebook (I read that as cookbook originally and I think that should at least be on the cards as well).

We’ll let you know when the campaign kicks off and there’s more to cover.