Two weeks of lunacy: Double Fine’s Amnesia Fortnight starts with community voting

Amnesia Fortnight 2014 begins

The fine folk at Double Fine have once again locked themselves away, presumably in a magical cave, taking a break from current projects to spend two weeks developing four new prototypes. For this year’s Amnesia Fortnight Double Fine has recruited Adventure Time creator Pendleton Ward to take charge of one of the projects. 

Previous Amnesia Fortnights yielded the delightfully nostalgic Costume Quest and curious matryoshka adventure game, Stacking. 

What proposals make it to the game jam and get turned into prototypes is all down to votes, but to vote you’ve got to contribute at least $1 to the Amnesia Fortnight Humble Bundle. That will also net you all of the 2012 prototypes and the four prototypes (including Pendleton Ward’s if you pay above the average) from this Amnesia Fortnight. If you throw down $35 you’ll also get the games on a Collector’s Edition 2-disc set and a Blu-Ray of the 2 Player Production documentary they are making around the game jam.

Paying above the average also lets you vote on which proposal Pendleton Ward works on out of four pitches: Damnit Jerry, No More McDonalds, Little Pink Best Buds and Cupid, You Fat Little Scamp. Double Fine has conveniently thrown up full-length pitches for each of the four proposals on its YouTube page.

The 29 proposals are pretty damn eclectic, from a point-and-click adventure game inspired by slasher films to a co-op action RPG where a little girl is trying to solve the death of her dog, who is now a ghost. Also, space western.

Did anything catch your eye? It was the pet simulator where you look after a game developer, wasn’t it?