Valve to Greenlight more games in October


On October 15th, Valve is going to give the thumbs up to a handful of games from Greenlight, accepting them onto the Steam service. The amount of titles that will be added is up in the air, but it’s going to be at least ten.

In related news, Valve are changing the way the front page of Steam works to make sure that Greenlight is highlighted in a much more noticeable fashion, so hopefully more people will be funnelled into it’s pleasant depths to judge the indie goodness inside.

This all brings into sharp relief the$100 asking fee to submita game into Greenlight, especially as there are now 800 entries on the service. Valve could Greenlight a hundred games in October, or it could be just ten, and seeing which way they go with things is going to be extremely interesting.There’s been around a hundred applicants since Valve introduced the fee. Being good will count for a lot, but we can’t help but feel thatdevelopers are still throwing themselves onto a roulette wheel.

They’re also adding a formal discussion area on each Greenlight page so that the developers and those interested in their games can talk to one another, discuss features and ask specific questions about the game, all helping the developers build a community before their game is released.

To keep up with everything going on in Greenlight, be sure to hold your unwavering eye over our weeklySpotlight on Greenlight feature, where we go through everything worth paying attention to on the service, with pictures and words and all that good stuff. And if you’ve found a game on Greenlight you think looks particularly excellent, or just plain interesting, don’t hesitate to shout at us in the form of a polite comment under the post.