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Valve say Steam Greenlight will “continue to evolve over the next weeks and months”


Greenlight’s had a less-than-smooth launch, Valve have admitted. “The sheer volume of submissions was the biggest challenge, both from legitimate submissions as well as junk,” Valve’s UI designer Alden Kroll and man-about-Greenlight told Gamasutra.

“As evidenced from the first major updates, pulling in those issues and making discoverability easier and more intuitive were the first things we wanted to address.”

Valve have chosen to tackle discoverability by necessitating a $100 submission fee before games can be voted on. The decision has drawn fire from various quarters – not least ours – but Kroll says that Greenlight is going to further change shape in the coming weeks as Valve reacts to customer feedback.

“We always try to build quick iteration into our process for development of new features, and Greenlight will be no different.We have a huge list of suggestions from customers and the lessons we’ve learned from shipping, so Greenlight will definitely continue to evolve over the next weeks and months as we tune the system and add valuable features.”

We’re all Valve customers here – what do we think of Greenlight thus far?