Watching this Heli Brawl trailer will make you vomit, and then you will watch it again

Insane Heli Brawl trailer

I need to spend more time looking for trailers of games that will undoubtedly lead me to vomit before I just dive back in for another round, because I somehow missed Heli Brawl, and that’s just not on. 

It’s a brain-bleeding local multiplayer smorgasbord of crazy, dub-step-accompanied explosions and violence. Men shoot each other while falling from the sky – one of whom appears to be John Goodman – or battle each other in helicopters before exploding because why not?

Heads explode, helicopters… bleed – there’s a lot of bizarre things going on. I love it. I’m not normally one for local multiplayer on the PC, because my desktop is currently ensconced in a tiny room where it competes for space with a bed and solitary chair, leaving no room for other human lifeforms to sit down and play games. Not unless they sit on my knee, which I’m totally cool with. But I can get down with this.

If the trailer doesn’t make you think that you probably need this in your life, then Heli Brawl’s website will. Look at all the stars and excellent use of comic sans. Hideousness has never looked so beautiful.

Cheers, RPS.