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New horror game with 95% positive reviews is also completely free

Silent Hill 3 and System Shock both inspire a seriously spooky new horror game that has rave Steam reviews and is also totally free.

Indigo Park Steam horror game free: A cartoon raccoon from Steam horror game Indigo Park

I expect we all know this by now, but it’s worth repeating: if you’re playing a game and there’s a friendly artificial intelligence or a sentient computer program that’s helping you on your journey, it will, eventually, try to kill you. We saw it in System Shock 2. We saw it in Halo. It’s the premise of the entire Portal series. A new horror game, which also takes cues from the intensely frightening intro of Silent Hill 3, is yet another lesson in computerized companion caution. Boasting a huge 95% rating on Steam, you can also play right now completely free.

This is Indigo Park, or at least, the first chapter, a new first-person horror game where you explore the abandoned and overwhelmingly spooky eponymous attraction. Once a hotspot of family fun days and childhood glee, Indigo Park has fallen into ruin and is now occupied by a supremely sinister… something that stalks you as you try to restore power and bring the place back online. It’s like Lakeside from Silent Hill, or maybe the dying underwater facility from Frictional’s excellent Soma. As well as the mysterious monster, though, you also have company in the form of a seemingly benevolent but not entirely on-the-level artificial intelligence…

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Rambley the Raccoon was once the park’s beloved mascot. A chipper, helpful, animated woodland creature, he survives in Indigo Park’s erstwhile computer system, and guides you on your way as you try to bring the rides and attractions back to life. Can he be trusted? I refer, once again, to System Shock 2 and SHODAN. Just keep an eye on him, is my advice. And obviously the monster – or whatever it is that stalks Indigo Park’s ghost trains and carousels.

Released on Saturday May 18, Indigo Park Chapter One has so far earned more than 3,600 player reviews on Steam, a staggering 95% of which are positive. It’s also completely free. Even better, Indigo Park Chapter Two has just hit its funding goal on Kickstarter, so if you’re hooked by this first entry, the story should continue soon. If you want to get Indigo Park Chapter One, just head right here.

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