Infinite Crisis closed beta to open up the DC multiverse for visitors from May 8


Once Turbine’s MOBA is released and all goes to plan and it picks up an audience the size of LoL’s or Dota’s or even HoN’s, then it’ll be properly infinite – a perpetual online street war to render the crises of the Arkham series fleeting and trivial. At the moment, though, it’s decidedly finite. The crisis is currently scheduled to begin in closed beta on May 8, and presumably to end some time before full release later this year.

Beta sign-up is still very much possible over on the official site. And to accompany the announcement, Turbine have released a first look at Wonder Woman in all three of her in-game guises:


I really don’t know where to look.

Perhaps here, at this rundown of conventionally-styled Wonder Woman’s abilities. You’ll see her ably taking on the familiar MOBA roles of tanking and teamfight support, though I suspect car-throwing is entirely new to the genre:

Details on the abilities of the two other in-game versions of Wonder Women will likely be announced in the coming weeks. In the month since the game’s announcement, Turbine have already released video profiles for both Gaslight Batman and Nightmare Batman.

Which versions of your favourite DC multiverse characters are you hoping to see crop up in the beta?