Infinite Crisis trailers uncape Gaslight Batman and Doomsday


My eyes and ears contorted in surprise just now as I watched two of Infinite Crisis champion profile videos. Not in an effort to more closely resemble Gaslight Batman, totally awesome though that would be – but rather in realisation that Turbine have ripped the familiar format of Riot Games’ excellent Champion Spotlights straight from League of Legends. And why wouldn’t they?

In the videos, you’ll hear a hyper-tongued runthrough of both characters’ abilities, and receive a few tactical pointers as to their best use.

Gaslight Batman, the sonically-powered variation of the DC mascot, fights a “never ending war” on crime – a crime now not only organised, but organised into teams. Sadly, rather than relying on a high-decibel version of the Bale Batvoice to disable his opponents, he makes use of two sonic pistols in the catching of his prey:

Doomsday, meanwhile, is a “living weapon of adaptable mass destruction”. In practice, that means “getting him into an opponent’s face and staying there until one of them dies”:

Our Rob recently went hands on with Turbine’s DC multiverse MOBA. He came away hugely impressed by the efforts the developers had made to meaningfully distinguish the game from its most noteworthy contemporaries – LoL and Dota.

Are you as sold on Infinite Crisis? If you are, there’s still a chance to sign up for the beta.