Tights at the ready: Infinite Crisis launches on Steam

Infinite Crisis launches

Infinite Crisis, the DC themed MOBA, has ended it’s rather long beta and has launched on Steam today. It’s hard to get excited about the launch of a free-to-play MOBA that’s already been available for ages, but this one does have muscular men in tights, amazons and psychopathic clowns.

If you’ve got an active beta account, you’ll get a free gift in the form of the Flashpoint Doomsday costume, which will be unique to beta testers. Don’t expect to see it pop up in the store.

If you do like throwing money at MOBA champions and digital skins, however, then there are a couple of bundles on Steam, discounted for launch.

You can pick up the basic pack, which includes the likes of Superman and the Atomic version of Green Lantern, or the elite pack, containing every single one of the 33 champions, including Superman’s wee dog, Krypto. Yes, you can play as Superman’s pet.

It’s F2P though, so you can muck around in Gotham or wherever, fighting creeps, running down lanes and capturing points without spending a dime.