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Inmates will get released in time for Halloween

inmates release date

Prison is typically viewed as a place you don’t want to go. A regular prison is bad enough, but a nightmare prison? That’s what you’ve got to deal with in Inmates, an upcoming horror adventure just confirmed for an October 5 release.

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There’s a fresh new teaser that collects of all sorts of horror imagery, leaving you to marvel at the joint terrors of a man shaking his head strangely, a nurse escorting a person in a wheelchair, and a hanging. Actually, that may just be normal prison life.

The hook is that you’ve just woken from a nightmare… or have you? Figuring out whether it’s a dream or some messed up new reality is all part of the story, which is a perfectly horrific concept.

We’re promised “mind-bending” puzzles, a suffocating setting, and disturbing imagery, so yep, all the horror boxes are ticked. Inmates may be hitting some predictable notes, but it seems to have a great sense of atmosphere, and there’s always always room for more horror in October. At an estimated four hours in length, it’s likely a perfect pre-Halloween adventure.