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Insomniac Games leak is “disgraceful and shameful,” developers say

As the Insomniac Games leak sweeps across the internet, the wider videogame industry has come out in support of the Spider-Man developer.

Insomniac Games leak: Miles Morales Spider-Man with blue electricity

The videogame industry has come out in support of Insomniac Games after a ransom group leaked confidential employee information, game plans for the rest of the decade, and more, after the Spider-Man developer and publisher Sony allegedly didn’t pay a ransom fee of over $2 million. Insomniac recently announced a Wolverine game, which is part of the data breach.

After ransomware group Rhysida issued a statement demanding Spider-Man developer Insomniac pay a ransom for confidential employee documents, upcoming game information, and upcoming plans, the group has now released over a terabyte of data to the public. We won’t be including any of the information here.

In response, the game industry has come out in support of Insomnaic and condemned the data breach, with Remedy Entertainment, creator of Alan Wake 2, calling the breach “disgraceful and shameful.”

“Our sympathies to Insomniac Games and all the affected team members. After all the effort and dedication they have poured into their games, they didn’t deserve this. No one does. The hackers also leaked employee’s personal information, which is truly disgraceful and shameful.”

Philip Weber, narrative director at The Witcher and Cyberpunk 2077 developer CD Projekt Red, also issues a statement, saying “My heart goes out to the people affected by the Insomniac leaks, and a hearty f**k you to the people responsible. I’ve had to pay a service for the last two years to make sure no one messes with my personal data after my company was hacked in 2021. Stuff like that truly sucks.”

Lost In Cult’s Ryan Brown has also called it “unacceptable and wrong,” saying the deliberate act is more than just a “leak.”

“It was an intentional criminal act intended to blackmail for a large amount of money. Nobody paid up, so now a company’s game, long-term project plans, and personal private employee details doxed and leaked.”

UI and UX lead on Respawn’s Star Wars Jedi team Jordan DeVries also extends his support, calling the whole situation “gutting” for Insomniac. “To have the plans you’ve been pouring your hard work and passion into just stolen and dumped online is gutting. To then get doxxed is a f**king nightmare.

“My heart goes out to the unbelievably talented devs at Insomniac.”

Former Destiny 2 community manager Liana Ruppert, who Bungie let go in its wave of layoffs earlier this year, adds “Man, feel so bad for the folks over at Insomniac; this is a tremendously sh***y situation.”

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Rhysida demanded that Insomniac and Sony pay a ransom starting at 50 bitcoins, or over $2 million, although it appears that this was not met leading to the widespread release of the data breach’s contents.

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