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Insurgency gets a new update, adding a new map and HUD elements


A new update is now live for Insurgency, adding a new map and introducing a new compass HUD element, new Squad Leader radial menu, new voice commands, and other fixes and improvements.

There should also be a noticeable improvement in stability for OS X users. Looks like the best competitive FPS on PC just got better.

The compass can be toggled on and off with a key bind and it will automatically display when you us the new radial or when a squad member shouts out an enemy contact.

A separate Squad Leader radial menu has been added, and they can now use the same menu as the subordinate players (Affirmative, Negative, etc). All radial voice commands also have versions of voice over that play when the player is suppressed (shitting themselves, etc).

Here is a video showing off the new map, called Embassy.

There are also a bunch of gameplay and content improvements listed below:

Gameplay improvements:

  • Added tactical reloads to the shotguns.
  • A player will be pushed away from a wall if there is no room for the extents of their body.
  • Limited the amount of time that players can get infinite resupplies if they don’t leave their spawn (default: 45 seconds).
  • Unlimited resupplying is completely disabled in Push during the last stand.
  • Buckshot fires 12 pellets rather than 9, spread increased.
  • Lag compensation now factors in pose parameters.
  • Flashbang effects are visible when spectating a player in first person.

Content improvements:

  • New and improved character animations:
  • Reloading and firing are now properly animated for bolt action rifles and shotguns.
  • Players hold and reload all SMGs correctly.
  • Rifles, SMGs and shotguns are kept shouldered when running while standing or crouching.
  • New start of round idles for all weapon types.
  • New grenade throw animations for standing and crouching.
  • New stance transition animations (stand to crouch, crouch to prone etc.).
  • Pistol slides move when firing.
  • The model of the C4/IED will change to the detonator when appropriate.
  • The warhead from the RPG will now disappear after it has been fired.
  • Various other fixes.
  • Empty shell casings eject from third person character models.
  • Suppressed weapons emit muzzle smoke when fired, and smoke trail after firing by the third person character.
  • New M40 and M590 world models.
  • Updated the prone positions in third person so your player model head is where the first person view is, no longer the crotch.
  • Shotgun pumping animation is now a separate animation and functions the same way as bolt-action rifles (eg. you can suspend the pumping sequence by holding down the left mouse button after firing).
  • Improved water explosion sounds.
  • Fixed players not hearing the same HQ or radial command voice over lines.
  • Opposing team will hear voice over triggered by radial menu commands.
  • Added HQ voice overs for hero captures and one minute remaining warnings.
  • The radial menu now has separate dialogue that plays when the speaker is suppressed, just as the responses do.

Additionally, there’s a bunch of bug fixes, map tweaks and improvements for modding. You can read the full list here. Check out Matt’s adventures in Insurgency while you’re at it.