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Intel Arc A770 and A750 performance can greatly improve with this mod

The Intel Arc A770 and A750 graphics cards can unlock a lot more performance using the DXVK translation layer in older PC games like The Witcher 3 and GTA 4

The Intel Arc A770 limited edition graphics card

As a budget leaning graphics card, Intel Arc A770 and A750 performance isn’t likely to win any awards, especially if you’re thinking about playing older PC games that don’t use the DirectX 12 API. Thankfully, a mod of sorts called ‘DXVK’ can help greatly improve frame rates on the Alchemist GPU, and could even benefit other pixel pushers too.

DXVK is a translation layer that can be used to get the best PC games of yesteryear running using Vulkan, in place of DirectX 9, 10, or 11. This is particularly important for the Intel Arc A770 and A750, as neither natively support the legacy APIs, which leads to less than desirable performance.

YouTuber RandomGaminginHD demonstrates how much DXVK can boost fps using the Intel Arc A750, with average frame rates like Grand Theft Auto 4 jumping from 57fps to a whopping 123fps. Minimum frame rates are similarly bolstered, as shown with the Witcher 3 with 1% lows rising from 24fps to 58fps.

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While these performance increases are naturally welcome, RandomGaminginHD rightly warns against using DXVK with online multiplayer games as the DLL files may trigger anti-cheat software and net you an avoidable ban.