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Intel Arc A770 Limited Edition GPU is no more

Intel is discontinuing its Arc A770 Limited Edition GPU, although it’ll still provide silicon for AIBs to manufacture custom versions of the card.

The Intel Arc A770 Limited Edition appears center screen against a white background with a big red X in front of it.

Intel has released a Product Change Notification for its Arc A770 GPU. The key piece of news is that the pixel pusher is set to be discontinued. While this sparked frenzied discussion earlier in the week that the Arc A770 was a goner, it turns out it’s only Intel’s self-made Arc A770 Limited Edition that’ll cease production.

Intel confirms it still has every intention of providing the requisite silicon for add in board partners to continue making their own versions of the card. So, Arc A770 fans can breathe a sigh of relief – Intel’s best graphics card’s still got some life in it yet.

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Intel’s clarification doesn’t necessarily mean the Arc A770 will live forever. In fact, it’s entirely possible Intel is planning to can the card at some point, with the release of its second generation Battlemage GPU architecture looking likely to appear sometime next year. But it won’t be for a while, especially since new versions – like the beefy Sparkle A770 Titan – are still being produced.

Besides its foray into the GPU war, Intel is known for its premium processors, with several entries in our guide to the best gaming CPU. It hasn’t given up on its pixel pushing offering, though, and we’re curious to see whether it can release cards to compete with the big dogs on team red and team green.