Intel Arc Battlemage GPUs could be bigger than Alchemist

Testing equipment for Intel Arc Battlemage graphics cards indicates that the series' GPU die size may increase compared to Alchemist.

Intel Arc Battlemage: A graphics card floats against a two-tone blue background

While the future of Intel Arc Battlemage was once left hanging in the balance, recent developments from team blue itself indicate its next generation graphics cards may still be very much on the way. Now, a listing of official Intel testing equipment has given us another glimpse at the design of its upcoming GPUs.

Since the launch of the Intel Arc A770 and its siblings, the company has been hard at work diligently improving its drivers. This hard work has left its flagship pixel pusher now standing as a worthy competitor to the likes of the Nvidia GeForce RTX 4060 and AMD Radeon RX 7600. This graft will undoubtedly transfer to its Battlemage lineup, hopefully making for a much smoother and compelling launch.

A screenshot of a store listing for Intel Arc Battlemage GPU testing equipment

Turns out that Intel may be planning to make its Arc Battlemage GPUs both better and potentially bigger. Listings for two bits of testing equipment on Intel’s Design-In Tools site, spotted by harukaze5719, reveal that the graphics card series dies will feature more pins, thus making them larger, than the ones in Alchemist pixel pushers.

While we’re hopeful that this larger die size is being built for the express purpose of providing more space for key specifications relevant to performance, there are unfortunately other less exciting potential reasons for this decision. As WCCFTech rightly points out, This could simply be in service of a bigger heat spreader or additional caps.

We’ll air on the side of optimism for now, even in the wake of recent news that Intel may be scaling back its ambitions and delaying the Intel Arc Battlemage release date. For now, the 14th Gen Core CPUs will likely be team blue’s chief concern.