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Intel Arc Battlemage GPUs are shipping out into the world

Pre-qualification samples for upcoming Intel B-series graphics card silicon, G10 and G21, have been spotted as part of a shipping manifest.

Two Intel Arc GPUs stand at the bow of a ship

The future of Intel Arc Battlemage looks more hopeful than ever following the appearance of Xe2-HPG GPUs in newly leaked shipping documents. While we’re still yet to lay eyes on the chips, and a way off from seeing them power graphics cards, the manifest in question does reveal that launch plans for Arc B-Series is progressing.

With its Battlemage GPUs, Intel is potentially poised to be a more convincing competitor in the best graphics card contest against the likes of AMD and Nvidia. However, it remains to be seen whether Intel’s Xe2-HPG architecture can hold its own against Nvidia’s Blackwell and AMD’s RDNA 4 chips, let alone the current competition.

A shipping manifest, containing references to Intel Battlemage GPUs

Shipping manifest entries of “Battlemage-G10” and “Battlemage-G21” GPUs, described in the documents as microprocessors, have been spotted by hardware leaker momomo_us. These Arc chips are in good company according to other screenshots shared by momomo_us, traveling alongside Intel Arrow Lake (ARL) and Lunar Lake (LNL) CPUs.

Naturally, these GPUs aren’t shipping out to customers or reviewers, with the manifest listing them for research and development (R&D) purposes. Curiously, though, while the G21 chips are described as pre-qualification samples (Pre QS), G10 has no indicator of its status whatsoever. However, it’s likely that it’s also in the Pre QS stage.

It’s unclear if either of these GPUs are the same ones we saw in a prior Intel Battlemage specs leak, but it shouldn’t be too long until we can figure that out, given the increased frequency of rumors surrounding the graphics card architecture. What we can say with some certainty, though, is that these shipments contain the would-be flagship, G10, and entry-level chip, G21, in the B-Series, if we use the A-Series model numbers as a reference point.

Right now, the Intel Battlemage release date looks to be either in Q4 2024 or Q1 2025, so expect official word on the upcoming graphics card during either quarter. Until then, though, check out our Arc A770 review, to get an idea of the baseline with which Intel is working.