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Intel’s Core i5-13600KF just hit its lowest price ever

Intel's mid-range 14 core gaming CPU is an ideal basis for a gaming PC build, and it now costs under $245, making it cheaper than ever.

intel core i5 13600kf deal

Intel’s 13th gen CPUs may not have been the most revered processors of all time, thanks to them generally running quite hot and often being beaten in games by AMD’s rival chips. However, the Core i5 13600K and 13600KF have long been solid options for building a mid-range gaming PC, and that’s not doubly the case, thanks to this Intel CPU deal.

This Intel CPU is the variant of the Core i5 13600K without the integrated graphics. Not only does that mean it’s already slightly cheaper than the K version, but you don’t need the integrated graphics for a gaming PC anyway. When it comes to Intel options, it’s the best gaming CPU available for most players.

You can grab this Intel CPU bargain just by hopping along to Amazon US and snapping up this limited time deal. We’ve checked against historic pricing for Amazon and confirmed that its current price of $244.99 is the lowest it has ever been, having started out with an MSRP nearly $100 higher when it launched at the start of 2023.

The 13600KF – or the 13600K, which is also discounted to just $272.99 – is compatible with several of the last few generations of Intel motherboards that use the LGA1700 socket. So, you can grab a new B760 or Z790 board, find a secondhand Z690 or B690 motherboard, or stick with your existing LGA1700 board and slot in an upgrade. For some board recommendations, check out our best gaming motherboard guide.

Depending on your motherboard, this may also mean you can continue to use your old DDR4 RAM, although DDR5 is much cheaper than it used to be these days, so it’s worth getting that if you’re planning to build a gaming PC from scratch, simply for future proofing.

If you do grab yourself one of these CPUs, you also still have plenty of upgrade options left open to you, despite the Core i5 13600KF already being over a year old. You’ll be able to upgrade to any of the latest 14th gen Intel CPUs, such as the Core i9 14900K or monstrously powerful 14900KS, with its ludicrous 6.2GHz top clock speed – a big jump up from the 5.1GHz of the 13600KF.

Also, make sure you check out our full guide on how to overclock the 13600K, which shows you how to squeeze the highest clock speed from your new purchase.