Intel Core i7 14700K specs leak could blow AMD’s high end CPUs away

The latest in a series of team blue leaks reveals new info about the Intel Core i7 14700K, suggesting its due a massive core upgrade.

Intel Core i7 14700k specs leak: Intel Core logo appears against an orange background with fire below.

Intel on Intel is coming thick and fast, with a fresh leak dishing the deets on another upcoming team blue CPU. The processor in the firing line this time is the Intel Core i7 14700K, another high end piece of hardware that’s due to arrive in the second half of 2023 as part of Intel’s Raptor Lake refresh. According to the new leak, the 14700K could receive a significant bump to the number of its cores, which should lead to a substantial performance upgrade.

As with the Intel Core i9 14900K specs leak, this latest cache of info was revealed to YouTuber, Moore’s Law Is Dead, by an anonymous source. The new details are consistent with the prior leak, suggesting Intel has decided to stick with its existing CPU branding for its upcoming slew of releases, rather than pushing ahead with the Meteor Lake rebrand and dropping the ‘i’ as anticipated.

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The main reveal is that the Intel Core i7 14700K could increase its core count to 20 from the previous i7 generation’s 16. That means a split of eight large cores and 12 smaller cores, alongside 28 threads. This revelation, on top of earlier leaks pointing to a solid boost clock speed uplift, makes the 14700K likely to improve on the AMD Ryzen 9 7900X’s multithreading performance by an impressive 15-20%, according to Moore’s Law Is Dead.

It looks like Intel is bringing out the big guns to step up its CPU war with AMD. With the latter making a real splash in the processor scene over the past few years, team blue is clearly eyeing its own majority market share with concern. But, if these leaks are true, we could well see a few new entries into our best gaming CPU list, depending on the price Intel whacks on these monsters.