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Grab this Intel Core i7 14700KF on the cheap for your next CPU upgrade

The Raptor Lake Refresh processor is back down to its lowest price ever, making it cheaper than ever to upgrade your LGA 1700 setup.

An Intel Core i7 14700KF retail package, with CPU (bottom right), against an orange background

With both AMD and Intel quietly putting the finishing touches on their next processors, the market is positively brimming with great CPU deals. Case in point, the Core i7 14700KF has once again fallen below the $400 mark and back down to its cheapest ever price point, making it a great option for a new build or as an upgrade to an existing PC.

The 14700KF has many qualities befitting of the best gaming CPU, featuring 20 cores, 28 threads, and high clock speeds, as is typical of Intel processors. It’s the only 14th Gen Core chip to receive a core count upgrade from its 13th Gen predecessor, sporting eight performance cores and 12 efficient cores, making it more appealing than the 13700KF.

Over at B&H, the Core i7 14700KF is now available for $379.00, beating out other retails and matching the Amazon’s lowest ever price for the CPU, according to CamelCamelCamel. Suffice to say, there’s never been a better time to buy this processor.

The 14700KF sits between the Core i5 14600K and Core i9 14900K in terms of its performance, reflected in its name and price. It’ll make short work of any game you throw at it, but it’s best suited to a PC that’s used for both gaming and production work. Thanks to its hybrid core architecture, its an excellent multitasker, allowing you to game with performance cores unbridled by background processes like streaming, thanks to the efficient cores.

As a KF SKU, the 14700KF doesn’t have an iGPU. This isn’t a massive deal as the on-board graphics on the regular 14700K aren’t worth using for anything more than a display output, but you will need a graphics card in your system to connect to your monitor. The only other drawback you should keep in mind is that you’ll need to buy a CPU cooler separately, as one doesn’t come in the box.