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Intel Core i9 14900KS CPU launch may be just around the corner

New rumors suggest that what looks like the last Core i9 processor to ever be made by Intel will grace motherboard sockets next month.

An Intel LGA 1700 processor, shaded purple

The number of leaks revealing potential details about the Intel Core i9 14900KS are growing, which in the tech world usually translates to its arrival drawing closer. Now, like clockwork, we have our first indication of when the CPU could see the light of day, and it’s very soon.

While the 14900KS will likely make a better productivity processor than it will the best gaming CPU, this Intel chip’s chops could provide plenty of performance in a dual-purpose build. This is a pretty safe bet looking back at our Core i9 14900K review, with this prospective KS SKU largely serving as a supercharged version of that processor.

Hot off previous leaks that the 14900KS power limits would reach scorching new heights, a potential release date is now doing the rounds of the rumor mill. As things stand, it appears that the new Intel flagship processor will be on store shelves come mid-March 2024.

This is according to sources close to Benchlife. While the outlet is confident in this release window, it is quick to caveat that it’s unsure how widely available Intel plans to make the 14900KS.

If previous launches of the Core i9 13900KS and 12900KS are anything to go by, supplies of the 14900KS will be somewhat limited but it’s not as if anyone expects there to be significant demand for the processor. With the CPU expected to demand an even higher price than the $699 MSRP of the 14900K, this will be a chip for a select few.

The majority of PC builders, and gamers in particular, will definitely be better served with the likes of the Core i5 14600K, at least in terms of  bang for buck. However, our current CPU champion is the Ryzen 7 7800X3D, if you can afford to splash the extra cash to nab it.