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Emdoor behind first PC handheld with an Intel Meteor Lake CPU

The Emdoor EM-GP080MTL pc gaming handheld is set to run Windows 11, and be powered by an Intel Arc 5 graphics card, and contain up to 32GB of RAM.

Image of the leaked Emdoor PC gaming handheld.

The release of the Intel Core Ultra Meteor Lake lineup is closer than ever, and the brand-new Core Ultra 100H series chips are beginning to be spotted, debuting within some brand-new pieces of PC gaming hardware. A recent discovery online, has spotted that Emdoor is entering the portable PC gaming market with its own Intel Meteor Lake handheld, which is sporting the upcoming processor.

When it comes to the best handheld gaming PCs available today, most have an AMD-based processor. The Steam Deck, ASUS ROG Ally, and the upcoming Lenovo Legion Go, are all powered by an AMD processor, but Emdoor is going in a different direction with its EM-GP080MTL handheld gaming device, which is set to feature the upcoming Intel Metro Lake CPU.

The discovery of the new Emdoor device comes from a leaked screenshot of a video showing a plaque outlining the specs for the handheld. The image, which was first revealed on Twitter/X by user harukaze5719, unveils a list of specifications for the EM-GP080MTL, where its inclusion of the Meteor Lake-H processor is on full display. The Intel Meteor Lake-H CPU is listed to have an operating range between 20W to 25W, which is in the same ballpark as its AMD-powered competitors – the Steam Deck ranges from 4-15W while the Ally and Legion Go can go up to 30W and 48W respectively when plugged in.

The brand-new handheld is also set to be powered by an Intel Arc Graphics 5 graphics card, and feature an 8-inch, 16:10 aspect ratio, 1,920 x 1,200 pixel LDC display. According to the image, the handheld will also contain up to 32GB of LDDR5X RAM, and will have one M.2 SSD slot, which can support up to 2TB worth of storage. Oddly, the image also listed the device as running an the Android operating system, which has since been crossed out to list that it runs on Windows 11 instead, as is the case with the Asus ROG Ally and Lenovo Legion Go.

Originally, there was a video on YouTube revealing footage of the handheld, but it has since been made private, so is no longer viewable. The screenshotted image of the device’s specifications remain the only glimpse of what we can expect from the latest device to enter the world of PC gaming handhelds. Whether the Emdoor EM-GP080MTL will become a formidable competitor for the likes of the Steam Deck, or the upcoming Lenovo Legion Go, we’ll have to wait and see.

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Featured image credit: Indoor Italia / Videocardz.