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Intel’s pint-sized Ghost Canyon NUC is a fully-customisable gaming PC

Desktop-grade graphics in a pint-sized gaming PC package

Intel Ghost Canyon NUC

Intel has teased its Ghost Canyon NUC mini PC, or Intel NUC 9 Extreme Kit as it’s hereafter to be known. This five litre barebones rig has been smartly-designed to accommodate the best graphics cards, up to a Core i9 processor, and a “compute element for CPU upgrades,” so you needn’t sacrifice gaming prowess in the name of space-saving any longer.

Rumoured prior to CES 2020, and since confirmed by the company, Intel’s Ghost Canyon NUC will offer a spacious (by NUC standards) floor plan for high-powered graphical gear. You’ll still be a little strapped for space with only 8-inches to play with, but that will see you comfortable through many Nvidia 16-series cards, if not a little better.

You also won’t have to lug around a power brick the size of a NUC, either. Within the Ghost Canyon’s rather slight chassis is a capable PSU we’re told will keep most mid-tier graphics cards ticking over. As a result, it’s a little heftier that those before it – akin to some of the best mini PCs we’ve tinkered with in the past.

The Ghost Canyon NUC also offers users the ability to upgrade its CPU down the line. This offers owners some of the flexibility afforded to custom mini-ITX PCs while maintaining the compact shape of a semi-custom design.

Intel Ghost Canyon NUC

Intel will be sharing more on Ghost Canyon and the Intel NUC 9 Extreme Kit during its conference tomorrow, January 6, 2020. Price will largely depend on the components you choose to install, but stay tuned for pricing and availability of the base kit in the next few days.