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Intel’s high-end gaming graphics card spotted running 3DMark

Here's your first screenshot of the XE DG2 running 3DMark

Intel Xe graphics card

Intel plans to release its gaming-focused XE DG2 graphics card sometime this year or in 2022, potentially disrupting Nvidia and AMD’s duopoly when it comes to choosing the best graphics card for your PC. Well, we’ve finally copped a glimpse of it in action thanks to a tweet from Raja Koduri, Intel’s executive for computer graphics, showing a screenshot of the XE DG2 running 3DMark’s unreleased mesh shader benchmark.

There’s no actual performance figures given, but to see Intel’s gaming-focused graphics card successfully running a benchmark gives a hint that Intel might be releasing some raw performance figures for the card in the not too distant future… Before you know it, you could be picking between three companies when it comes to your next graphics card.

Intel has not given any official word on pricing, but a price tag between $400 and $600 is rumoured, which if true would put it right up against high-end cards like AMD’s RX 6800 and Nvidia’s RTX 3070, and hopefully with similar performance.

Once this card comes to market, if Intel can avoid the graphics card stock issues that have plagued AMD and Nvidia, having a readily available graphics card that isn’t resold by scalpers for massively-inflated prices would be a huge win for them.

Once benchmark results start appearing in the next few months, we’ll start getting an idea of whether the best gaming PC deserves a graphics card from Intel.