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We have 200 Steam keys for hard sci-fi strategy game Interplanetary; more than we can use. Want a code?


Interplanetary is what you call hard sci-fi. Hard like the impact of massive artillery against alien worlds. Hard like staying ahead of unpredictable and treacherous gravity wells. It’s a multiplayer turn-based strategy game that’s been very positively user-reviewed on Steam and in the Steam Summer Sale today. And we might have a copy to fire in your direction.

The game is unusually focused for space strategy: you’ll gather resources and research technologies, but manage just one planet’s infrastructure – while looking for the weak points in the planets of your enemies.

Once you’ve found them, you’ll aim artillery across a planetary system, taking care to avoid other space-objects and their gravitational influence. And then, BLAMMO – you’re basically Vader or some other indiscriminately awful space-person.

If that sounds like you, please do give us a Facebook Like via the widget below. We ask for an email address, but not for any nefarious purpose – just so that we can send you a code. If you’re a randomly-picked winner, you’ll find a key in your inbox – which you can then pop into Steam in the usual fashion, via the ‘activate a product’ box under the ‘Games’ tab.

The giveaway will close at midnight UK time on Sunday June 14th. Until then, you’d better work on your space maths.