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Brutal and strategic new zombie survival game dates Steam demo

2D zombie survival game Into The Dead: Our Darkest Days is finally getting a Steam demo soon, so you can test out your own survival plan.

Into The Dead Steam demo announcement

We all have a plan for the zombie apocalypse, right? Whether we’re dealing with fast or slow undead, an airborne or bite-transferred infection, or any other manner of parameters, we all at least have an idea of where we’d go, what we’d stock up on, and how we’d survive. Now transplant that plan to a zombie-overridden Texas in the summer of 1980. Into The Dead: Our Darkest Days is a moody, bleak, period zombie survival game, and a new Steam demo will help you put your stay-alive strategies to the test.

Plan. Adapt. Survive. These are the cornerstones of Into The Dead: Our Darkest Days. Within the city of Walton, Texas, you’ll need to gather survivors, establish shelters, move between safe areas, and balance the needs of your group to survive. Pick where to scavenge next and resupply as much as you can while dodging the undead – it won’t be easy, though, as you’ve got to work entirely within a 2D space.

The zombie game doesn’t just involve battling the undead however. You can use stealth, and you’ll also have to battle past human survivors. Don’t get used to the environment, though. Layouts and buildings in Into The Dead gradually change and evolve over time, and the environments are different between playthroughs.

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On top of exploring and stocking up, you’ll also need to make sure the physical and physiological needs of your group are met. Food and medicine should be at the top of your list, and you can deceive other survivors or invite them into order to obtain them. With the zombie hordes constantly moving you’ll have to be light on your feet too, finding new safe areas and constantly crafting weapons for your group.

The Into The Dead: Our Darkest Days demo is coming to PC via Steam in October 2024, you can wishlist the game right here.

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