Invisible, Inc. has a release date; it’ll be leaving the shadows in May

Invisible, Inc. release date

Invisible, Inc., Klei’s slick tactical stealth game, has been skulking around Steam since the Early Access version launched in August, and now it’s poised to leap out of the shadows, with the release version launching next month.

The team has been sorting out a few “loose ends” since it revealed the May launch window, but they must be in hand, since a specific release date has now been announced: May 12th. With the launch date officially announced, Klei has ended the Early Access sales so that new players get “the best experience possible” instead of playing an in-development build.

Here’s what the developers have been working on since the last update, a couple of months back:

  • Fully realized story and world, with 2 fully-animated cinematics.
  • All new voice over (over 1000 lines recorded!).
  • A massive balance pass on all the items and programs, and a few new items, augments and programs to round off the suite.
  • The Final Mission (dun dun dun).
  • 3 new starting programs which vastly change your playstyle.
  • 4 new agents, and a balance pass on existing agents, each with their own special augments and items.
  • A daemonic new enemy, in the new Plastech corporation.
  • World generation and gameplay options screen, where you can set the game up as you see fit.
  • Expert Plus mode — for those who want the ultimate Invisible, Inc. challenge.
  • A revamped Endless mode with increasing difficulty as the days progress, up to difficulty 10 missions.
  • New music for every corporation, final mission, and more.
  • A giant upgrade to the UI, sound, FX and visuals.

When it launches, Invisible, Inc. will be Klei’s ninth game in 10 years, which makes them pretty damn prolific.