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New The Sims rival details roadmap with extensive creation features

Krafton's The Sims 4 rival inZOI shows off a slew of new features in a brand new roadmap video, and it's just getting better and better.

Krafton’s upcoming The Sims and Life by You rival inZOI continues to set itself apart from other games in the genre. The latest roadmap update details a plethora of new features coming to the game, including a closer look at the in-depth simulation, details on how you control your city and characters, and how you’ll be able to share your creations with other players.

Krafton’s new InZOI video shows off five brand-new features coming to the simulation game at launch: cars, group activities, a karma system, the city editing tool, the studio tool, and a photo mode. These mechanics are still in development ahead of the inZOI release date, but our first look at them all shows a lot of promise.

According to inZOI game director Hyungjin Kim, cars have been one of the game’s most requested features. Kim says inZOI’s driving won’t be like Grand Theft Auto, though; instead the team “designed a driving system strictly with “life simulation’ in mind,” which sounds a lot like his way of saying you can’t break any traffic laws. That said, car accidents are still something you’ll need to watch out for, but if your character dies don’t worry, as you can easily revert to an auto-save from when they were alive.

Group activities like walks, karaoke with friends, cafe trips, and more will be available for your Zoi and their mates. Kim even asks for you to share suggestions in the game’s Discord, with the team at Krafton hoping to add more activities over time.

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The karma/reputation system will also impact your Zoi, where you unlock progressively good or bad actions depending on your choices; you can choose to push someone and then steal their wallet for example, but that’ll net you some bad karma as a result. Karma also impacts you when alone, so if you’re being horrible while on the computer, for example, you can still get bad karma and see negative repercussions down the road.

The city edit tool lets you choose your city’s current weather, play YouTube videos on the billboards strewn about town, change the flora and fauna present, and adjust how clean the streets are, too. The aim is for the city itself to truly be yours, almost as though it’s another character entirely.

Meanwhile, the Studio tool is basically a film set built into the city of inZOI, so you can go there and create scenarios to your liking for videos and screenshots. Maybe you want to pretend to be a news reporter, be a passenger on a flight, or something else entirely. If so, the photo mode can be used in conjunction with the Studio tool, with plenty of real-world camera options built into inZOI to help you get the perfect shot.

Much like how the upcoming Life by You wants players to “just make gameplay,” rival inZOI is working on plugins to help make mod creation easier. A dedicated Unreal Engine plugin with starter guides will arrive with unspecified modding tools, and these should help you create whatever your heart desires. If you’re intrigued by inZOI, another roadmap video is set for sometime in May, which will answer a collection of fan questions.

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