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Dean Hall reveals more Ion details and Early Access plans

Ion details

Dean Hall let loose a few more details about his upcoming sci-fi sim and MMO, Ion, at the PC Gaming Show tonight. Ion was announced yesterday, but details were vague, followed by and enigmatic CG trailer.

Ion’s an isometric game, which Hall likened to Diablo. He said that it allowed players to do more than in first-person. It’s “true isometric,” he explained.

The simulation sounds like it will have remarkable depth, as Hall has teamed up with a company specialising in some fancy simulation tech. Individual organs, for example, will be simulated, along with everything else that players can find as they travel through the frontiers of space.

Hall is hesitant to spill too many details at the moment, and isn’t ready to announce dates. He said that he wants to take a “Besiege style approach,” referencing the Early Access siege engine game, which he notes was polished when it launched on Steam. But Ion will end up doing a stint in Early Access, he’s just not saying when.

Here’s that announcement trailer from yesterday: