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World War I multiplayer FPS game adds incredible limited time mode

Isonzo, a multiplayer FPS from the creators of Verdun and Tannenberg set during WWI's Italian Campaign, has put out a new limited time mode.

First World War multiplayer FPS game gets incredible limited time mode: A World War I era Italian soldier with a knife between his teeth, from Isonzo.

First World War FPS game Isonzo already has a lot going for it. Its blend of high stakes, ARMA 3 style military simulation and more traditional, Battlefield and Call of Duty reminiscent multiplayer shooter design has made it stand out among historically focused games in its genre. Even better, its creators at BlackMill Games have done a good job of supporting the WWI era FPS, regularly updating the experience to keep players coming back to its recreation of Italian Front battlefields. Now, with the launch of a new limited time mode and an accompanying Steam discount, there’s never been a better time to check Isonzo out.

Isonzo‘s The Ascent game mode brings a big twist to the FPS game. In it, players will need to hunt down and avoid getting killed by opposing forces as usual, but now have to consider new directions of attack thanks to a mountain setting that emphasizes what BlackMill calls “extreme vertical gameplay.”

Teams are split between Italian and Austro-Hungarian armies, with the former needing to scale the Marmolada mountain in their attack and the latter working to defend their place atop that same mountain. Each of these teams consists of 16 players. As the Italians, players will be able to climb the peak by using an existing route, following behind other soldiers who leave pitons and ropes behind, or by working their way up the cliff face by hand. The Austro-Hungarians, on the other hand, are cramped into their headquarters atop the mountain, making them easier targets for their ascending enemies.

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This mode is only available from now until April 24. Luckily, Isonzo is discounted by a significant 67% from now until April 17 on Steam, bringing its price down to $9.89 USD / £8.24. Grab a copy right here before The Ascent comes to a close.

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