Indie devs are building a massive charity bundle for Ukraine

Another massive charity bundle is coming together to support Ukraine

The game industry continues to build charity initiatives to support Ukraine as Russia’s invasion of the country continues. A number of individual studios are donating the proceeds from certain titles to support relief efforts in Ukraine, and in the spirit of the Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality and the Bundle for Palestinian Aid, a group of indie developers are putting together a massive charity bundle.

The Bundle for Ukraine is still calling for submissions, and the organisers currently hope to have it live for purchase on Monday, March 7. Funds will be split between the International Medical Corps and Voices of Children. Like the bundles mentioned above, this one will be available via

As organiser Brandon Sheffield explains on Twitter, this bundle was initially intended as a joint effort supporting both relief efforts in Ukraine and supporting trans youth in Texas. However, in an effort to “not dilute the messaging”, the latter cause will be supported with a separate bundle likely to launch in April.

If you’re an indie dev who’d like to participate, you can get details on submissions over on