It’s been emotional: DC Universe Online’s War of the Light kicks off

DC Universe Online War of the Light Part 1 launches

DC churns out a mind-boggling array of comics month after month, reboot after reboot, so it shouldn’t be all that surprising that DC Universe Online is already on its ninth chunk of DLC. War of the Light Part 1 is the first part of a planned trilogy of expansions and adds a new storyline, a new powerset, introduces the Blue Lantern Corps (they’re the chilled ones) and throws in some new mechanics for good measure. It launched today, and already the various Lanter Corps are getting all up in each other’s grills. 

Part 1’s biggest addition is another set of light powers fuelled by the red light of rage. The Red Lanterns are the ones who vomit blood, which is nice. These new abilities open up a bunch of new powers for tanks, allowing them to employ “berserker-like” abilities.

Four of the Lantern Corps have descended on Metropolis, prompting another War of the Ring War of the Light, transforming downtown Metropolis into a light show-come-warzone. Heroes and villains can join Hal “Vanilla” Jordan or Thaal “Evil Moustache” Sinestro to investigate a light fog that’s messing around with the emotions of the citizens of Metropolis.

On top of the new missions and red light powers, players can also get stuck into 4 and 8-player operations, find new gear and collectables and dabble in some simulated violence with two new legendary PvP characters: Red Lantern Atrocious and Blue Lantern Saint Walker.

I’ve not played DCUO in about a year, but I’m a sucker for the Lantern Corps and I confess a soft spot for the emotionally unstable Red Lanterns especially, so I may have to take this for a spin.