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John Wick Hex release date set for October

Mr. Wick will be arriving soon

John Wick Hex is a tactical strategy game that lets you pretend you’re as smart and cool as Keanu Reeves, and it’s coming from storied indie developer Mike Bithell. It’s looked fantastic every time we’ve seen it, and now we finally know when it’s coming out. Publisher Good Shepherd Entertainment has provided a new trailer for Hex along with the release date.

John Wick Hex lands on October 8 for $19.99 USD. It’ll be an Epic store exclusive at launch – no word on how long that exclusivity will last – and will be available on both Windows and Mac PCs.

It’s an unusual direction for a licensed game – in 2019, licensed titles are either massive budget spectacles from established developers or lightweight mobile titles. A creative and substantial indie game isn’t what we’ve come to expect from massive franchises, but as Bithell told us a few months ago, “if you’re not trying to push the medium forward, you’re wasting your time.”

In the new trailer, we get to hear a bit of the game’s voice acting, too. Sadly, there’s no Keanu, but Ian McShane and Lance Reddick reprise their roles from the films, and prolific voice actor Troy Baker plays the titular villain, Hex.

Check out the trailer above.

We’ll see how successful John Wick’s turn in the tactical strategy realm is in just a handful of weeks.