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Jonathan Blow shows off Sokoban-style, box-pushing game prototype

Jon Blow Sokoban

What’s Jonathan Blow, creator of The Witness and Braid, working on now? Well, mostly some game creation tools, but to help with that process he’s also building a game alongside it. Whether it sees release or not is up for debate, but it’s certainly being prototyped.

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It’s a box-pushing puzzle game in the style of Sokoban – you know, that retro game about pushing boxes around a warehouse. If it sees release, expect that, but with existential pondering or something.

The prototype was teased during the Develop Reboot conference in Croatia, where Blow was showing off a little of the new engine he’s creating. Here’s the stream, with Blow’s section beginning at around 5:33:

“It’s a nice little grid-based game,” as Blow describes it. “I’ve got a guy who can run around and push blocks and stuff.”

Obviously, it’s nowhere near done just yet, but Blow says there’s around 25 hours of single-player content in there already.

You can see some earlier builds on his Twitch channel.