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Jurassic World Evolution won’t launch with mod support

Jurassic World Evolution

It seems as though Jurassic World Evolution will not have mod or custom content support at launch. New information about the game has come to light thanks to an article from German magazine PC Games.

Here are five things we’d like to see in Jurassic World Evolution.

A translation of the article suggests that mods will not be supported at launch, although the developers do not want to completely rule out community-based enhancements completely at this point. Another feature that does not appear to be coming with the game’s launch is the ability to upload and share your creations, but given that development is ongoing and the information comes from a press event, it’s possible that this will be available on release.

While community-content will not be available on release, Frontier have all-but confirmed that Jurassic World Evolution will follow a similar DLC pattern to games like Planet Coaster. When asked whether new dinosaurs and accessories would become available over time, the company hinted at their approach to previous games, making it likely that we’ll see plenty of DLC after launch.

An (unofficial) translation of the article, which does not appear to be live on PC Games’ website, can be read here. Scanned images from the article, showing various dinosaurs and some of the available building options, can be seen here.