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Just Cause 3 is architectural devastation in 10 minutes of footage

Just Cause 3

Of course Avalanche wanted to show off Just Cause 3’s destructive abilities at E3, but this is everything we could hope for and more. In this ten minute gameplay demo you can see what are almost certainly some of gaming’s biggest and brightest fireball explosions, as well as some very interesting traffic management…

Courtesy of YouTube channel PS360HD, the demo is narrated by some of the Avalanche development team, and sees Rico go on an absolute rampage to show off his new toys. In action are the multiple grapple ropes that can be used to make a statue give itself a facepalm, or simply make an entire dockyard collapse in on itself.

Also seen is the most impressive gas station explosion I’ve ever seen, and the use of a military helicopter to stop traffic flow by simply destroying a massive chasm-joining bridge. Simply put: this is the most gleeful fun I’ve seen from the entire show.

Just Cause 3 and it’s unique brand of architectural devastation is due December 1st.

Thanks, PC Gamer.