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Just Cause 3 is coming December 1st, gets new trailer

Here's the Just Cause wingsuit

If you were worried that you wouldn’t be able to play the new Just Cause this year, Square Enix have some very good news for you: it’s coming out December 1st.

And if you were worried that Just Cause 3 would be an art-house conversation game built on Twine, you can relax. Just Cause 3 is still about destroying idyllic island countries using cars, explosives, planes, a grappling hooks.

According to the gameplay trailer Square Enix showed during their presentation at E3, Just Cause 3 is offering the familiar variety of activities and open-world destruction that you remember from the second game, with a few new toys and better physics. All in the name of liberating series protagonist Rico Rodriguez’s native land from a brutal dictator who…

Look, there’s a bad guy and somehow you hijacking planes and smashing F1 cars into collapsing bridges is going to fix it, okay? Freedom is messy.

It looked like terrific fun, and having access to more grappling hooks and being able to construct things like improvised wrecking balls seems like a cool way to put all the new physics to use. I especially enjoyed a moment when an enemy soldier was grappled into an exploding barrel.