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Just Cause 3 trailer doesn’t need a reason to swap jet pilots in mid-air

Just Cause 3

A warning: Just Cause 3 protagonist Scorpio spends approximately 50% of this trailer for the long-awaited second sequel on the ground. But don’t worry: he spends the rest of it dropping head-first through the clouds, highjacking jets at 3,000 feet, backflipping out of doomed cliffside cars, toppling trains, and on one occasion tying a bus to a plane and flying the contraption through a dictatorial statue.

He even finds a couple of seconds to stand pensively on top of a wind turbine.

Hoo-ee! It looks an awful lot like Just Cause 2, down to the red-and-white palette of the radar dishes we’ll be disassembling. But there’s plenty of technical beauty on show we couldn’t possibly have had back in 2010 – like that mist-marred sun, the pressable flowers, and the sheer vibrancy of those fireballs.

The sequel was announced shortly before Christmas, but it’ll be with us by the next. Just Cause 3 won’t have multiplayer at launch – though players will help decide the contents of its Collector’s Edition.

This footage follows last week’s earthy Mad Max trailer, also from Avalanche. Which are you most excited about?

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