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Cozy game reinvents the Battle Pass with free, community KarmaPass

Forget paid-for currency and expensive battle passes, cute multiplayer KarmaZoo wants you to work together for free community rewards.

A series of white animals surrounding a white heart, the icon for KarmaZoo.

Upcoming cozy game KarmaZoo is giving us a welcome break from the abusive in-game chat of other games – those cries of “git gud,” “skill issue,” and “GG EZ” – as a wholesome, teamwork-oriented platformer. In KarmaZoo, you and up to nine teammates band together to make it through a series of increasingly difficult rounds. The catch? You must stay together to succeed. Fall back or get too far ahead and you or your teammates are eliminated. Karmazoo is all about working together.

This doesn’t just stop at gameplay, as the team at PastaGames brings this theme of working together to their new twist on the battle pass system. The KarmaPass launches with the multiplayer game on day one and, first off, is entirely free. That’s right, there’s no separate paid track with all the best items, no paid-for currency. The best thing about the KarmaZoo battle pass, though, is that everyone earns everything by, you guessed it, working together.

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As you play KarmaZoo, which made it onto our list of the best Steam Next Fest games, you earn Karma: points for doing good deeds. Not only are you automatically rewarded with Karma as you and your team progress, but players can also fire off Karma Hearts at teammates during gameplay. Say, for example, you fall down and someone comes back to get you, shoot ‘em with a Karma Heart. Someone holds a button so you can pass through a door? You know what to do. This Karma is then used to unlock new characters, each with their own unique powers.

Thanks to the KarmaPass, Karma now has an additional use, too. As you earn Karma, you contribute to unlocking global rewards for everyone to receive. All you need to do to earn new avatar items is play, be altruistic, and reward others for their teamwork. Wholesome, right?

If KarmaZoo sounds like a game – and community – you want to be part of, you can play the relaxing platform game from November 14, 2023, and start contributing towards that KarmaPass. In the meantime, get to grips with this and our other most anticipated upcoming games and start planning your gaming calendar for the year ahead.