Have you enlisted in the Kerbal Mechwarrior Program?

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Kerbal Space Program players are endlessly impressive people. Not satisfied with creating programmable lunar buggiesmaking their own multiplayer, and, frankly, designing a ludicrous number of excellent mods, they’ve now gone and made Mechwarrior inside Squad’s space simulator.

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See it in action in this Mechwarrior-scored trailer:

Rather than a single mod, creator Allmhuran’s used a whole toolbox of player-made upgrades: BD Armory, Infernal Robotics, Camera Tools, Tweakscale, Steam Guages, KOS, and UbioZor Part Welding. With those he’s managed to build dropships, tanks, a Timberwolf, destructible buildings, a mech UI.

Allmhuran says that the mech took about 20 hours to build but that wasn’t the real challenge: it took him two weeks to make it walk.

Hopefully, Allmhuran’s going to make a slew more mechs in the future. I’ve my fingers crossed for a Bushwhacker or an Atlas.

Unfortunately, so far, Allmhuran’s keeping his mech designs to himself but he’s at least proved what’s possible with a little determination.