10/10 surprise indie smash gets a time-travelling sequel, demo out now

Kill It With Fire, a chaotic, collateral damage-heavy spider-squashing sim, is getting a sequel that'll take you across time and space.

A person in a blue and grey mask, their faceplate down, wearing an orange suit in a nondescript room.

Silly squash-em-up Kill It With Fire is getting a sequel, Kill It With Fire 2, set to pitch you into battle against more arachnid foes. You might be bigger, but those spiders could be anywhere and now, with this sequel, they’ve got the whole of history to infest.

Kill It With Fire is a surprise indie game hit, built around the simple premise of dispatching hidden spiders. Yes, you could peek behind that couch, but why risk a spider jumping out at you? It’s so much simpler to set the whole thing on fire. And now, Kill It With Fire 2 is spreading its special brand of chaos across time and space.

This sequel will see you hunting down spiders in the Old West, the far future and more. You’ll have a range of weaponry at your disposal from rocket launchers to laser pistols, and you’re positively encouraged to blow things up rather than get an eight-legged beastie in the face.

The first Kill It With Fire was and still is a joy to play, especially when there’s only one spider left in the room and it could be anywhere. Time-travel aside, Kill It With Fire 2 is also adding in a dose of Lethal Company, letting you de-spider a location with up to three other players. Sounds like a cue for a ‘who can scream the loudest’ competition.

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It also features a ‘spider hunter’ PvP mode where one team plays as the spiders, the others the would-be exterminators. We’re not talking about giant, movie monsters spiders, either. They’ll be as teensy as they are in the main game. But if you’ve ever tackled Aliens vs Predator 2’s multiplayer mode, you’ll know the sheer joy of scuttling around unseen, flinging yourself into an unsuspecting player’s face.

The game arrives in Steam Early Access some time this year, but there’s a Kill It With Fire 2 Steam demo out right now. For more shared shenanigans, check out the best co-op games. And if you’re wondering what else is worth waiting for, here are the best upcoming games.

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